Marketing takes time but it takes in two ways. You must invest time in marketing activities and it takes sometime before you will see the results, perhaps 6 months to a year or more. Marketing is all about selling yourself and you need to use what you do best to market. Marketing strategy is to go after referrals and repeat business by providing excellent services and important is doing the best work for your clients.

Here are 14 tips which can be considered before you start marketing of your product. First you need a business plan which includes marketing plan and a list of your clients. Take action towards your marketing plan and start marketing with the following tips.

1. Print mailing labels for 14 of your best clients from the list, then purchase 14 appropriate cards (Thinking of you, Thank you or funny). Write a sentence or two from your own in each and mail them off.

2. Find a great article in a recent business magazine or newspaper. Purchase its 14 copies, mark the article with a post-it and a note from you, and send it to 14 potential clients.

3. Attend your next professional or service organization meeting. Select 14 people and give each person 2 business cards, one to keep and second to pass on.

4. Call people you know and ask them to suggest others you might help. Don’t stop until you have 14 names and phone numbers.

5. Call the 14 names over the phone and ask for time on their calendars to chat with you about how you might be able to help them.

6. Add 14 names to your mailing list. Send them a brochure with a note from you.

7. Identify 14 dormant clients and call them to see what they have been doing.

8. Read a good book or seen a great website. Email title & author of the book or the website address with 14 words to 14 people about what & why you liked it, who could refer you to new clients.

9. Write a 14 paragraphs article for your website, then contact 14 clients and ask them to read it and provide you with feedback.

10. Take 14 minutes to decide how you could improve your answering machine messages. Then implement the ideas they provide.

11. Go to your local bookstore, search atleast 14 books or booklets from the newest books that focus on your area of expertise. Identify phrases, concepts and thoughts, you could use in your next prospecting letter.

12. Identify 14 events / conferences / meetings or social gatherings that will occur in the next year, where you could touch base with potential clients. Add all 14 to your calendar.

13. Identify 14 strangers to whom you would like to sell your services.

14. Identify 14 journals / magazines or newspapers to which you could submit an article or a

press release.

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