Rashan Waseela

  • Rashan Waseela

For those who can’t afford! We as a Non-Profit Organization try our level best to provide solutions to every age group. While working for youth we remember the problems for under privileged ones and for this we have launched a project with name “HHT Rashan Waseela”. Initially the project was only for “Ramadan” but our success, positive reviews have enabled us to take this project further more throughout the year. Join us to help our poor and unsheltered people. Your donation can bring light to someone’s home.

  • Atta 10 Kg.
  • Rice 3 Kg.
  • Sugar 2 Kg.
  • Chana Black 1 Kg.
  • Dal Chana 1 Kg.
  • Baisan 1.5 Kg.
  • Chilli Powder 200 g.
  • Dhania Powder 250 g.
  • Ghee 2.5 Kg.
  • Tea 200 g.
  • Rooh Afza 800 ml.
  • Dates 200 g Box.
  • Vermicelli 1 Packet.
  • Salt 1 Packet.

The above mentioned package costs us Rs 2500/- Our plan is to distribute at least 1000 packages in the month of Ramadan. Famous shopping arena “Metro Cash & Carry” has provided above mentioned items on discounted rates and the deserving families can collect the Rashan packets at their convenience FREE OF COST, by giving HHT Rashan Waseela Card duly authorized by Metro Cash & Carry. All the entire procedure is very transparent and we welcome our donors to come and check the campaign themselves. VIBE TV covered this program daily in their morning show “Subha Bakhair with Vibe” from 20th of Shabaan till Chand Raat; in this regard our Chairman Anwer Ali Faridi wants your contribution by sponsoring as many packages as you can. To send money of the sponsored packages find the details below, kindly inform us the quantity of sponsored packages through e-mail or call. In the month of Ramzan, Mr. Anwar Ali Faridi (Chairman Helping Hands Trust) along with Mr. Anwar Mansoor (Former Attorney General of Pakistan & chief Board of Governors Helping Hands Trust) distributed the ration packs to the needy families in the Ration Waseela Project Event held at the HHT office workshop. In this event Mr. Anwar Mansoor addressed the audience i.e. the registered members of Rashan Waseela Project that this project is an ongoing process and families that are categorized under “A” category will be supported every month to share their burden and help them feed their families. Note that the Category “A” Families comprising of women (that are unable to earn) with children having no male/caretaker in their family to earn livelihood for them and are unable to meet their basic necessities of life such as food and clothing due to their no earning resources. The 2nd distribution was done outside Helping Hands Trust office by placing a ration stall. The registered members of the needy families were given the ration packs on presenting the authorized HHT Ration Cards. The distribution was again preferred to the “A” Category families comprises of families with housewives and small children and have no elderly figurehead to earn the livelihood for them.  The motive of this project is the help the needy families who cannot afford to feed their families and are struggling to survive with limited resources. Helping Hands Trust organized an event held at Women Sports Complex (CDGK), Karachi In 2013.  It was a memorable event where many honorable personalities enlightened the audience for awareness of Education, Jobs and future aspects especially for desperate people. Our Chief Guest Ms. Zarfishan Arbab “DDO Social Work Department” Sindh Government addressed the audience and appreciated the work carried out by Helping hands trust.  In the end Mr Anwar Ali, Chairman Helping Hands Trust along with Ms. Zarfishan Arbab distributed the HHT Ration Cards to the registered needy family members and deliverance of ration was made.  In the month of Ramzan 2014, Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Abbasi (Administrator Karachi East) along with Mr. Asif Butt (Joint Secretary Helping Hands Trust) distributed the ration packs to the needy families in the Ration Waseela Project. Event held at the HHT Job Bank Cabin (HHT Workplace). In this event Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Abbasi appreciated the efforts of Helping Hands Trust for the society while addressing to the media .He also requested to all people to participate as much as in HHT Rashan waseela programme for the help & support of Needy people .       [donation_form]

  • Date: January 27, 2014