Youth Frustation

A serious threat to our youths!

A life without any purpose is like a ship which is destined to be drowned in the immensity of the ocean as millions of humans have been lost in the course of time – as they never existed without knowing the purpose of their lives. A ship sailing without any direction and destination would ultimately be drowned or lost in the cruel tides of ocean. Similar is the case with human beings.

We need some goal in life, so that we can work out plan to defeat the inconsiderate ocean that is always ready to take us in it. Every human personally can and should decide about what he wants in life. But before deciding this, we should consider an important issue that what our society demands from us as an individual to contribute towards it. For society the issues need to be dealt on collective basis which asks for help to individuals to take decision about the aim in life that serve the purpose.

Most of the youth of our society is unable to decide their future themselves. The individuals are eager to do something but unfortunately the lack of proper guidance and counseling divert the positive intent towards negativity. Illiteracy is no doubt a big hurdle in this regard but the more graver is the poor performance of already existing educational system. Who to blame for this mismanagement of youth and human resource in our country? Adding insult to injury is that the privileged youth in the country – luckiest to attend the college and universities – are not prepared for the job. There is no mechanism of counseling and guiding hence we are producing the degree holders who don’t know who to contact once they graduate. The lack of any coordination between the educational institutions and the market requirements is resulting in an army of unemployed, frustrated and aimless youth.

The challenges, constraints and opportunities the young people face vary from region to region and culture to culture — from forced early marriages to increased poverty resulting from adjustment policies, from armed conflicts to a lack of opportunities. For many, bread and butter are a problem, for others it is HIV/AIDS, lack of education or poverty are major constraints in life. But nobody denies that the youth, wherever they are, need to be redirected for a larger well-being and prosperity of societies, countries and nations.

The youth of Pakistan, despite a multitude of problems like unemployment, poverty, remorselessness, social taboos, drugs, guns and politics, have always been in the forefront of movements and political changes, and have never let the nation down at any point of time. It is unfortunate that the youth, despite their contributions to national developments, find themselves trapped in a culture marked by guns, violence and drugs. All this has resulted in an unstable economy, a shattered confidence of foreign investors, lawlessness, and a break-up of the social fabric.

The most impounding problem of our youth facing at present is frustration. This monster is eating up our youth slowly and gradually. The youth in Pakistan don’t have jobs, means of healthy entertainment, health resources and awareness. They say the youth is like running water which makes it own ways. The frustration as a result of multitude of problems is increasing day by day.

As for education of our youth, there is a feeling that it should be more productive and progressive in terms of its application and usage. There is no formal guidance for students in logical selection of a specific course of study. There is no unified, single education system in the country.

Unemployment is another problem being faced by our youths which is a multi-dimensional and complex issue that starts a vicious cycle of associated problems like involvement of youth in politics, bank-household burglaries, social insecurity, lawlessness, use of drugs, etc.

The role of media in upbringing of our youth has been minimized throughout the history of Pakistan. Most of the youth find our TV programmes non-entertaining and unattractive. Everybody is interested in watching other South Asian and western channels. As a consequence we came to know what is called “cultural invasion”. The term is very old but we experienced its magic in Pakistan only from 1990s onward. In all, the concluding factor, our youth has lost its identity and importance.

The need of the time is to target the higher education. It’s not at all implying that the primary or secondary education is less important. But we need to understand that we already have low percentage of college and university graduates so we cannot afford them to be wasted. If we cannot improve their quality then there is no point of increasing mere numbers. The time is to show some course and provide adequate opportunities to those who are graduating as they are already quite few and our society cannot afford to let these privileged individuals to sail aimlessly and to be lost in the ocean of time without contributing back towards society.

We have an opportunity to turn our very large and very young people into a productive asset. That could contribute significantly to the economic growth and poverty alleviation. Both the government and society must join their hands on this nation-building task and concentrate on protecting the emotional and physical health of the youth, their skill-based education & provision of recreational facilities, employment and above all, incorporation of self-confidence, motivation and courage to move forward. This is the best time for our country to invest in youth and reactivate and relocate their disfranchised energies if there is any need for economic growth and social development in Pakistan. If we glance through the history of the world, it stands clear that the countries with the fastest economic growth over the past 50 years are those which heavily invested in their youth. This is the right time to look into the problems of youth and give them viable solutions otherwise it will be too late in the day. We need to bear in mind that the “destiny of nations is in the hands of youth.” There must be remedial measures at government, social and individual levels to restore the confidence of the youth in their potential qualities.

The most important step to be taken by the Government of Pakistan, in this regard, is revision and revival of a national youth policy which must be to aspire to create situations whereby youth stand educated, employed and free from drug abuse, frustration, parochialism, sectarianism and other numerous evils which have jolted the foundations of our society like involvement of youth in politics, terrorism and lawlessness.

Keeping in mind these elements, HELPING HANDS TRUST undertook to reduce the unemployment rate and poverty from our country. Now we are engaged in serving the people by using all our resources. HHT has started his campaign by the name of “SHAOOR-E-ROZGAR”, the basic purpose of this is to change the approach of our youth towards positive way and to provide assistance & guidance to our youth who shall be trained equally for the solution of their basic problems related to unemployment & poverty. We have to prepare our youth to face the challenges of the time with unshakable courage and youthful confidence.


1. Establishment of Employment Offices: There is not any single office for the information about employment opportunities in Pakistan so more and more employment offices should be established which would cause in reducing the unemployment.

2. Population Control: Fast growth rate of population should be controlled due to which there will be more employment opportunities and reduction in unemployment

3. Growth of Industrial Sector: Government should provide basic infrastructure to established industries is rural areas. Growth of industrial sector is needed to reduce unemployment.

4. Reduction in Retirement Period: Retirement age is 60 years in Pakistan which should be reduced to 50 years to provide more employment opportunities. Furthermore, the government employees who are on long medical leaves should voluntarily be retired and leave the space for fresh & young faces.

5. Subsidies to Private Sector: Government is required to subsidize the private sector and should help the private sector to develop which will create more employment chances.

6. Job on Merit: Government should eliminate the nepotism and favoritism and the employment opportunities should be provided in accordance to skill and ability.

7. Economic Growth: Govt. should make efforts to push economic growth process. For this purpose Economic Revival Package should announce and implement for the revival of industrial sector, to stimulate production and investment.

8. Fiscal and Monitory Policies: Beside this a number of fiscal and monetary measures should take to attract industrialists and particularly foreign investment.

9. Export more than import: Government needs to motivate people to export more than import through broadening the tax base and by lowering down the tariff plans.

10. Foreign Investment: The government need to make such policies that attracts foreign investment in our country which will lead to more job opportunities.

11. If inflation rate is controlled to a normal or minimized level, then the private sector can be asked to work in two shifts (4 or 5 hours each) instead of 8 hours straight work. In this way, they can get work from 2 fresh teams which may be more effective with less cost. They can save their resources as well as tax also.

12. That there are two major elements, which can reduce the unemployment i.e., use of labour intensive industries and adoption of self-reliance policy. Progress and prosperity is impossible without the reduction in unemployment.