About Us


HELPING HANDS TRUST is a non political, non-governmental and non profitable organization, which helps the poor and needy people of the society without any discrimination of cast, creed, sex and colour. HELPING HANDS TRUST (HHT) was established in 2004 and registered with the District Registrar of Karachi, Sindh .HHT is also registered with FBR (holding NTN and Tax Exemption certificate). We are also audited by Salah-Ud-Din & Co (chartered Accountants).

HELPING HANDS TRUST (HHT) had been providing legal assistance to the needy people since 2004 to 2010. HELPING HANDS TRUST is focusing on Poverty reduction & Unemployment. Advocate, Mr. Anwer Ali Faridi (Founder & Chairman of Helping Hands Trust) is the architecture of this innovative programme which was started in 2010.

Our main objective include free recruitment services to unemployed, Food and Shelter, fight against child labour and free sessions to bring the light and path that is needed to awaken the hopeless people.

Pakistan is just not a piece of land, but a creation, a creation with mission to provide freedom for the existence. Remembering the bitter fact, from the last decade our nation has been threatened by many evil forces and we were tried to be distracted, irony is that forces at time succeeded and we failed. But! It’s never been late to make a change and this is where Helping Hands Trust comes over in. We aim to provide the positivity in our people, helping them to be employed, providing them food and shelter, keeping them engaged in healthy seminars and meetups so they can help themselves to bring positivity in our society and to their own place. This is Helping Hands Trust all about. A hope, a light, and a starter.

HELPING HANDS TRUST has been fighting against Unemployment and Poverty, because unemployment is the root cause of poverty and all crimes. It has been noticed that unemployed people easily get frustrated with their lives and that makes them go to the wrong path and commit different crimes and suicide. After researching deeply we came to the point to end unemployment and poverty. For the convenience of unemployed people & bestowing them better job opportunities The directors of HHT has taken an initiative to Construct  the HHT Job Bank cabin in front of its office & CV collection boxes in Gulshan & Jamshed town of the city. From 2010 HHT has been working on its focused project, where the numerous people has been registered free of cost % referred them to different companies for job placement.besides this HHT conducted Job oriented workshop for unemployed people.

Our secondary goals are Women Welfare, Human Rights, Drug Addiction, Child Labor, Detained in Jails/ Police Excesses, Domestic Crime, Child Abuse, and providing Special Care and help to the special people. Also emphasizing to provide Free Medical Assistance, Free Education, Free Legal Aid, Free Vocational Training etc. to the neediest people.


Helping hand trust is dedicated to achieve it’s as the organization’s schedule for development and prosperity of the country as well as reducing the poverty line of the country. Trust Programme is addressing its current goals with the help of several personalities of Pakistan.

Our basic motto to enhance the role of civil society in safeguarding of country it has a critical role to play in directly contributing to the safeguarding of the environment. Increases in knowledge and capabilities have empowered to be strategic partner to the in achieving global environmental benefits. The work scope of the program is described below. Our trust is working in different segments to carry out its activities and accomplishing innumerate assignments.

Done assistant, Research assessment, Knowledge management, Design organizational change, Design organization development, Train the new jobless guys, Training and development, Skilled development, Health care, Survey mobiles, Transcription and composing in English & Pakistani languages, Computer literacy program, Skilled development, Mobile repairing, Computer repairing, Computer literacy, Stitching, Photo graphics, Art and craft.

We planned to work on online registration, which is needful in depth Advantages
Online Registrations assignment can be done easily, proper figure will be available as compared to manual registration

To establish effective and formal linkages between the Network and trust.
Evaluation Office to contribute to the evaluation of projects distills best practices and makes the evaluation process more transparent and accountable to public.

Immediately established interest or problem


Minimum human capital

Solution for Unemployment

Reduction of time

Establish consultative dialogue among nation

Develop the robust outreach program on the global environment to civil society.

HELPING HANDS TRUST is aiming to make people self made, confident and positive and if needed also provide financial assistance, technical skills courses to seek better job opportunities, arranging jobs and providing trainings through seminars & workshops etc.
Our objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness to the people for their rights.
  • Provide a shelter for society where everyone can feel secure & safe.
  •  Awareness to the people for their rights.
  • Support the less privileged people.
  • To break the KASHKOL from the single platform forever & never beg anymore!
  •  Empower and educate young people to take a part in initiative that would be productive, rebuild hope and improve their livelihoods for a sustainable future.


Mission was never that easy, we initiated with injustice and with that subject, we covered inferiority treatment, child abuse, free medical assistance, free education, poverty, illegal detained in jail, drug addiction, women abuse and other more subtle forms of basic human and civil rights violations without any discrimination or affiliation. With all that we kept focused on unemployment as well.

Our philosophy is clean, simple but hard to achieve. We helped young people to take part in initiative that would be productive can rebuild the lost hope and improve their livelihoods for their own sustainable future.

OUR AIM TO MAKE OUR SOCIETY FREE OF POVERTY DUE TO UNEMPLOYMENT HHT wants “To identify people, to help poor & needy people, human and finance in order to make them empower and self sufficient and to make micro financing Bank.