Drones are called Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) having practical applications which has nothing to do with weapons. So, these drones can be useful in the following fields:

1. We can save lives through drones in natural & manmade disaster. These can be positioned to survey damage and locate stranded or injured victims and assess threats without risking the safety of rescue teams.

2. We can get support for Law Enforcement Agencies through drones. These can be used to search for lost children and these can provide tactical inspection and suspect tracking, assist in accident investigations and can monitor a large crowd.

3. We can have a safe infrastructure maintenance and management by the help of drones. Scaffolding, Cranes or harnesses are not required with drones’ technology. We need to place the drones (UAS) system to assess remotely the condition of structure.

4. We can streamline agriculture management by the help of drones. Through these, when crop management system is used to observe, measure and respond to variability in individual plants, farmers can target areas requiring attention. Farmers can provide care only where needed to improve yield, conserving resources and avoiding waste by pinpointing these areas.

5. We can get media-access to reach where access is impossible or hard to go through drones. UAS can help in aerial photography for news broadcast or blockbuster films can be captured safely, efficiently and economically.

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