Mr. Jamal Al-Shehab, Minister of Justice & Legal Affairs of Kuwait, was born in 1957 and graduated from College of Law and Sharia at Kuwait University in the year 1980. He was registered with the Lawyers Practitioners Bar in Kuwait in 1980. Since 1983, Mr. Al-Shehab has been practicing law in various fields both in Kuwait and the Gulf Region. In 1990, he was registered with Dubai Lawyers Bar in Dubai. Mr. Al-Shehab was appointed as an Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Justice. During his tenure at the Ministry, Mr. Al-Shehab represented the State of Kuwait on the “International Legal Information Network Project” in conjunction with the US Congress Legal Library. In December 1998, Mr. Al-Shehab was appointed as Assistant Undersecretary for the Ministry of Planning in charge of administrative and financial affairs.  He became also a member of a specialized organization headed by the Minister of Planning and also became the President of Ministry of Planning Team to organize appropriate mechanism between UNDP and State of Kuwait. In 25th, October 2007 Mr Al Shehab became the Minister of Justice and Minister of Social Affairs & Labor, State of Kuwait. During his tenure at the Ministry, Mr. Al Shehab chaired the “legislative policy of state” committee and “human rights” committee, and also chaired “Kuwait Institute for Judicial & Legal Studies Council”.   Mr. Al Shehab was a member of “Supreme Committee of Nationality” and was a member of the “Supreme Petroleum Council“, and also was a member of Legal, Health, Social and Educational Ministerial Committees.  Mr. Al Shehab chaired the Supreme Committee of “Regulation of Employments”, and also chaired “Supreme Council for the Disabled”.

In the year 2012, Mr Al-Shehab was reappointed as Minister of Justice, Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. After governmental rotation became Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs.