Mr. Anwer Ali Faridi (Chairman)

Mr. Anwer Ali Faridi Advocate is a famous social activist who supports families and their loved ones for their career planning and decisions.
He has been an outspoken advocate for human rights also focus on the rights of women and children.
Mr. Anwer Ali was born in Larkana Sindh. He has received his degrees of LLB, MA (IR) from University of Karachi, Pakistan.
In 2001 Anwer Ali received a lawyer’s license and opened his own practice in the High Court of Sindh.
He has courageously defended numerous cases involving murdered dissidents, protestors, and journalists. He has also fought in court for the rights of women and children. During practice he analyzed that the social issues and problems of the poor people needed more focus and attention, specially the issues pertaining to the prisoners which include case proceedings, jail custody etc.
After handling numerous cases and discussion with the people involved in crime, he recognized that the main root cause of the problems /issues are mostly linked with the unemployment & Poverty.
Based on detailed research and case studies he decided to bring about a positive change to eradicate unemployment and poverty.
Keeping in view the goals for poverty reduction and to provide a better environment underprivileged, through which they from inside think for their good life and eliminated their thinking leads to crime, Mr. Anwer Ali Faridi established a Trust under the name of “Helping Hands Trust“ with the task to minimize Unemployment and reduce the Poverty due to unemployment. His vision is to create a peaceful and prosperous society, which will play a vital role in making the self sufficient.
When he commenced to work on unemployment & congregated to unemployed people then another thing he had to face that most of our young people are getting frustrated due to joblessness & surrounding circumstances. So he decided to get the people aware about the beauty of life, get rid of frustration &hopelessness. Started their individually counselling & group workshops.